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Impetus To GO

Nov 20, 2021

Self-Help Book written by Gregory Omar Osborne

Gregory Omar Osborne has spent years captivating hearts, empowering people, and putting up theatrical masterpieces. A performer-turned-producer, he is the man behind Progressive Theatre and Dottridge Talent Management. The first is an NJ non-profit corporation, while the second packages artists to achieve their vision of success. Over the years, Gregory has worked with some of the biggest names in the realm of theatre and dance, including Sir Cameron Mackintosh, Donald McKayle, David Gordon, and Doug Elkins.

Through his first book Impetus To Go, Gregory shares with the world the ups and downs of life and the secrets of finding inspiration amidst adversity. He pens down his journey from Lyft Driver to Producer, Founder, and Author to empower the dreamers of today and tomorrow. In addition, Gregory is a man who has always stood firm against injustice and yearns to abolish everything discriminatory from the world.

You may know him from his self-produced works with Progressive Theater, his association with dance and theatrical companies in the United States, or even a personal encounter, by which you have your own perceptions. All in all, Gregory’s goal is to live authentically and never miss an opportunity to serve.

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