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Who is he?!

Gregory Omar Osborne grew up around the stage doors of Broadway due to his mother working as a house keeper for Sir. Cameron Mackintosh. It is no surprised that Gregory has taken up some space in the industry. As a performer Gregory worked with choreographers most notably; Donald McKayle, David Gordon, and Doug Elkins. After successfully touring with the Doug Elkins’ Company and dancing on cruise line, he ventured into his first love, theater, joining AEA within a year. That year exposed him to the what he calls the 2-dimensional flats of theater. 


Often the “token,” Gregory would voice his discomfort and stand firmly against anything/ anyone who he thought was unjust. This is a trait he was born with. He became fed up with the industry and jumped blindly into producing work for not only himself, but for others. FIVE GUYS NAMED MOE was his first self produced production. The production staged in a 100 seat theater gained the attention of MTI* staff, the office of Cameron Mackintosh and the writer of the show, Clarke Peters. The impact Gregory had on the cast all those involved from stage to audience made room for him to found Progressive Theater A NJ Nonprofit Corporation in 2018


Progressive Theater aims to tell culturally enriched stories that empowers all people of color and marginalized communities, while captivating all audiences with the change they want to see. That change is simply representation. To date, Gregory has produced works that not only entertain, but sparks conversations around the race, sexism, gender and more. His company’s mission is his mission and his vision is for it to extend beyond the city borders of Maplewood, NJ. 


Producing came from a dream of a better industry. Gregory Omar Osborne is proud to be a part of change.

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